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CEO, New Zealand Green Building Council

Andrew Eagles

CEO, New Zealand Green Building Council

Andrew studied economics and public policy. He has 20 years experience in the built environment working for the government, supply chain companies and for not for profits. He has a wealth of knowledge in construction, housing, property, policy and supply chains.

Andrew joined the New Zealand Green Building Council in September 2016 as Chief Executive. The NZGBC is the country’s leading not-for-profit for the sustainable built environment. Andrew is proud to be working with his team to achieve a lower carbon healthier Aotearoa New Zealand.

As well as exemplary research, the NZGBC oversees Homestar and Green Star, the certifications confirming the health and carbon performance of New Zealand homes and buildings. The NZGBC also run NABERSNZ, and assessment of the energy performance of buildings, on behalf of central Government.

The revolution happening in how we build & maintain our buildings and the implications for acoustics, well-being and sustainability

We spend 90% of our time in buildings. This has huge implications for our health and well-being.

The built environment is 20% of our emissions. It is vital then that we work to reduce emissions in the internal environment of our places.

Usefully change is coming. Andrew will talk through the growing drivers of verified green and healthy certification of buildings including finance, regulation, sustainable development goals and other initiatives driving change.

He will also discuss the move to lower embodied carbon buildings, the tools and drivers pushing this forward and the implications for the design of buildings.

He will provide examples of existing and new buildings achieving lower carbon healthier standards and set out what the increasing uptake of lower carbon healthy buildings means for the construction, facilities managers and acoustical professionals.

There will also be discussion of new standards coming to New Zealand in 2023.  Andrew is looking forward to the talk, your questions and perspectives on what promises to be a stimulating discussion.

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