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DAY 1    MONDAY    31 OCT

9.00 am

Registration and Trade Show opens


9.45 am

Conference opening and welcome

Soundings Theatre

10.00 am

Keynote Address sponsored by Batten & Cradle Flooring Systems

Chair: Michael Kingan

Soundings Theatre

Andrew Eagles – CEO, New Zealand Green Building Council

The revolution happening in how we build & maintain our buildings and the implications for acoustics, well being and sustainability

11.00 am

Morning tea and Trade Show


11.30 am

Technical Session 1 - sponsored by Batten & Cradle Flooring Systems


Timber buildings Soundings Theatre

Chair: Michael Kingan

 11.30  am

Predicting the acoustic performance
of double-leaf cross-laminated

timber panels

Chiaki Fenemore

 11.50  am

Resilient inter layers and connectors:
acoustic-structure interaction

in timber buildings

Felix Sheibmair

 12.10  pm

Tapping machine and impact ball
laboratory testing of CLT slab
systems with and without floating
floors and ceilings

Thomas Warren

 12.30  pm

Quantifying and reducing embodied
carbon in the acoustic design of
mass timber buildings

James Bligh

1.00 pm

Lunch and Trade Show


2.00 pm

Technical Session 2 - sponsored by Autex

Room acoustics Soundings Theatre

Chair: Tracy Hilliker

2.00 pm

Reducing the reverberation time of
a lively multipurpose room, using
basic Sabine theory

Stephen Collings

2.20 pm

Acoustically retroreflective room
surface treatment: finite-difference-

time-domain (FDTD) simulation of a
highly retroreflective room

Oliver Hutchison

2.40 pm

Calculation of resonance frequencies
of rooms using a plane wave model

Mark Poletti

3.00 pm

Acoustic features of Te Pae
Christchurch convention centre

George van Hout

3.30 pm

Afternoon tea and Trade Show


4.00 pm

The Acoustical Society of New Zealand - Annual General Meeting

Soundings Theatre

5.00 pm

The Australian Acoustical Society - Annual General Meeting

Soundings Theatre

5.30 pm

Welcome Function: Te Marae at Te Papa Tongarewa

Signal processing / Sound reproduction Rangimarie

Chair: Mathew Legg

Evaluation of speech extraction from rolling-shutter video by measuring vibration vertical to shooting surface

Tsubasa Yoshizawa (virtual)

Modeling head-related transfer function spectra by means of

radial basis function approximation

Adam Szwajcowski

Implementing a portable augmented/virtual reality auralisation tool on consumer-grade devices

Tim Beresford

Acoustic signal processing systems
for intelligent beehive monitoring

Iman Ardekani

Road noise and vibration Rangimarie

Chair: Christian Vossart

Innovative approach to quantify and qualify traffic noise pollution

Kévin Cormier

Improving New Zealand’s state highway road surfaces

John Bull

A new methodology for deriving road surface noise corrections for light vehicles in New Zealand

Richard Jackett

Human perception of road traffic vibration in residential dwellings compared to common transport vibration standards

Alvaro Liberona



8.30 am

Day registrations and Trade Show


9.00 am

Day 2 welcome and housekeeping


9.15 am

Keynote Address – sponsored by Asona

Chair: Michael Kingan

Soundings Theatre

Stephen Marsland – AviaNZ Research Group, Victoria University of Wellington

AviaNZ: Analysing bioacoustic data

10.00 am

Q & A Session

10.15 am

Morning tea and Trade Show


10.45 am

Technical Session 3 - sponsored by T&R Interior Systems


Building acoustics Soundings Theatre

Chair: Mark Poletti

10.45 am

Using Helmholtz resonators to
increase the low frequency insulation
of walls

George Dodd

11.05 am

Accuracy of a prediction method for
sound transmission loss of glazing

Grant Emms

11.25 am

Development of an acoustically rated
electrical flush box using sound
intensity measurement

Mike Latimer

11.45 am

Three methods to improve sound
transmission loss in the coincidence

Andrew Hall

12.05 pm

Experimental verification of
calculation methods for louvre


Daniel Hay

12.30 pm

Lunch and Trade Show


1.45 pm

Keynote Address – sponsored by Vibration Solutions (Getzner)

Chair: James Whitlock

Soundings Theatre

Jim Metzner – Pulse of the Planet

Exploring and sharing the soundscape

2.25 pm

Q & A Session

2.45 pm

Afternoon tea


3.15 pm

Technical Session 4 - sponsored by Hushtec

Wave propagation / Active noise
Soundings Theatre

Chair: Mathew Legg

3.15 pm

Acoustic non-destructive testing on a
wooden cylindrical rod using guided
wave shear transducer arrays

Adli Hasan Abu Bakar

3.35 pm

Experimental measurement of the
phase velocity of ultrasonic guided
waves using wave propagation theory

Mathew Legg

3.55 pm

Bayesian active noise control

Iman Ardekani

4.15 pm

6.30 pm

Pre-dinner drinks: Harbourside (formally Shed 22) - sponsored by ASNZ

7.15 pm

Gala Dinner: Harbourside – sponsored by Batten & Cradle Flooring Systems

Vibration and wave propagation 

Chair: Michael Kingan

Influence of capping layer on the ground-borne vibration

induced by surface moving train

Ying Liu

Linear elasticity modelling of pressure effects on a hollow cylinder and it’s breathing mode resonant frequency

Darryl McMahon

Effects of an elastic layer on the vibration properties of a

partially covered circular cylinder

Jie Pan

Tissue mimicking phantom of the acoustical and geometrical

properties of the human eye

Hussain Alsadiq

Broadband noise-insulating structures based on strongly coupled Helmholtz resonators (virtual)

Mariia Krasikova

Construction works Rangimarie

Chair: Tim Beresford

Initial design, development & calibration of MEMS based sound level meter for real-time construction monitoring

Ben Cooper-Woolley

A risk-management approach to controlling construction noise impacts

Dave Davis

Comparison of three impact piling vibration prediction methods against measurement results for two coastal

infrastructure projects

Darren Jurevicius

Noise and vibration criteria and observations for construction works within animal research and breeding facilities

Chenxi Wu


8.30 am

Day registrations and Trade Show


9.00 am

Day 3 welcome and housekeeping


9.15 am

Keynote Address – sponsored by GIB (Winstone Wallboards)

Chair: Jon Styles

Soundings Theatre

Gina Sweetman

More than numbers and rules; getting that right balance to help planners and decision makers in complex resource management matters

10.00 am

Q & A Session

10.15 am

Morning tea and Trade Show


10.45 am

Technical Session 5 - sponsored by Rothoblaas

Environmental acoustics
Soundings Theatre

Chair: Tim Beresford

10.45 am

Drone noise in an RMA context – are
we staying ahead of the curve?

Jeremy Trevathan

11.05 am

Are electric buses too quiet for their
own good?

Siiri Wilkening


11.25 am

Perceptions of acoustics in
contemporary media: Noise in stuff

Alister Stubbe

11.45 am

Questions and answers in
environmental noise assessment at
an undergraduate level

Wyatt Page

12.15 pm

Lunch, Trade Show and Prize Drawn


1.15 pm

Technical Session 6 - sponsored by Barton Sound Systems

Music & education Soundings Theatre

Chair: James Whitlock

1.15 pm

Acoustic parameters of typical
wharenui, maraes and Maori musical

Axel Montes de Oca

1.35 pm

Psychoacoustics, ski-hill graph
pedagogy, and music education

Andrea Calilhanna

1.55 pm

Sacred geometry and axial symmetry
in the modern hand bell

Robert Perrin

2.15 pm

A novel acoustic design project for
final year engineering students

Andrew Hall

2.45 pm

Award of Student Prizes and Closing Remarks

Soundings Theatre

3.15 pm

Conference end

Underwater noise Rangimarie

Chair: Jon Styles

A study of the temporal distribution of fish choruses recorded along the north-west continental shelf of Western Australia

Lauren Amy Hawkins

Underwater noise measurements of impact driving of 200 mm square hollow section piles

Lachlan Newitt

Using a bubble curtain to significantly reduce underwater noise emissions from piling

Ben Lawrence

Underwater noise measurements of a cutter suction dredge

in shallow water

Nick Henrys

Noise exposure / Noise perception Rangimarie

Chair: Wyatt Page

The efficacy of audible warning alarms in underground mines

Francis Prendergast

The assessment of occupational noise exposure and hearing damage risk from high energy impulsive sources

Vasos Alexandrou

Application of the objective impulse assessment method of ISO1996-3:2022 to real life

Colin Tickell

Advanced analysis of rail noise measurement data for rail noise

model calibration

Sean Brennan

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